Lucky 7's Slots

If you have never played a seven reel online slots game, you are in for quite a treat when you play Lucky 7s slots! This exciting game also has seven paylines, a fact which seasoned slots players will tell you is atypical for video slots. Enthusiastic gamers are reporting huge payouts from this easy to understand slots experience!

Try a Traditional Slots Game for Fun and Profit

Lucky 7s slots are excellent for gamers of any experience level. The music and sounds of the game are not the type that will make you want to use any available mute option. The blue background is soothing, and the clean and simple look of the game is not at all intimidating, which suits beginners quite well. These newbies will also appreciate the fact that there are no scatter or wild symbols to make the game hard to understand. Seasoned gamers appreciate that there are only six different symbols on the seven reels, for this increases the chances of a win.

Deciphering Paylines and Payouts Is Easy

The paylines on Lucky 7s slots are easy to understand, and the icons used on the paylines are cleverly animated. You will know that you have hit the jackpot when you see seven Lucky 7s! Other symbols include a cluster of three bright red cherries, which multiplies your bet by 50, a purple billiard ball, giving you your bet times 75, and a red, yellow, and blue poker chip, which multiplies your bet by 100. Also included are a gold bar sporting three sevens, boosting your bet 500, and the yellow Bag of Cash with a large green dollar sign, which multiplies your bet a cool 1000 times. The payouts for Lucky 7s slots are straightforward, and easy to remember. If you get anywhere from two to seven icons on a payline, you have won. There are no Bonus features in Lucky 7s slots.

Something for Everyone with Lucky 7s Slots

Lucky 7s slots appeals to the big spender as well as the budget minded gamer. You can play this game as a penny slot, betting one cent per line, or you can put $10.00 on each of the seven lines, making each spin a $70.00 one. The designer of this game must have known that people would want to play for hours on end, because two very handy features are built into it. The Stop Spin feature allows you to stop the reels from spinning at once, allowing you to be the master of your own luck. The Autoplay feature is perfect for those times when you do not want to stop betting, but really do not want to press that Spin button anymore!

Enjoy Classic Slots Action with Lucky 7s Slots

This video slots game is very reminiscent of many traditional slots games in that the action is rather sedate compared to some of today’s modern slots. However, do not be fooled by the game of Lucky 7s. Just because the game play is not as fast paced as that of a modern video slots offering does not mean that you will have a less satisfying slots experience. Everything a person could need or want in order to have an enjoyable and hopefully profitable time playing video slots is included in this game. There is no annoying music, no tinny-sounding beeps, and no puzzling icons to figure out when you play Lucky 7s slots. Download Lucky 7s slots, and see for yourself how much fun classic slots action can be.