Slot Tips You’ll Want To Remember Forever

Sure, you may already know the basics of playing slot machines online or in land based casinos. But, you may not be winning as much as you’d like or as often as you’d like. Experienced slot players will tell you there is much more to playing slots than sitting down, putting in your coin selection and making a spin.

Use these simple slot machine tips to help you bring home more cash!

  • Remember, just because you left a machine and someone hit a jackpot right after on it doesn’t mean you would have won it if you’d stayed at that machine. Payouts are due to the rapid generation of the random numbers, not the number of spins. So, don’t be afraid to switch machines if you’d like. In fact, many experts say if you’ve not won anything at all in the first ten spins you should switch machines.
  • There is no such thing as a machine that is “due to hit a jackpot”. Slot machines are designed to give the player the same chances of winning every single time a spin is made. This essentially means a machine could make two large payouts in a row or even go a long time without making even one payout.
  • Stats show the three-reel slot machines with one payline offer players the best chance of coming out ahead financially when playing slots.
  • Multi-payline slots are somewhat tricky. They do seem as if they’d offer more chances to win but sometimes the payout rates aren’t as good than those with a single payline.
  • Progressive slot machines are great for huge payouts but often the random number generators in the progressive slot machines are higher, which automatically decreases a player’s odds of winning on one of these slot machines.
  • While it may be difficult to commit to, the more expensive slots (dollar slots) have higher payback percentages which up your odds of winning. Statistically speaking you’d be better off putting one coin in a dollar machine than you would to put two coins in a quarter machine.
  • Jackpots and higher payouts are usually only awarded for maximum coin bets. While the number of coins will affect the payouts, the number of coins won’t affect if you win or not.
  • Pick denomination machines you can afford to play the maximum bet on.
  • Remember that the speed of your spins means nothing. Those who play faster aren’t upping their chances of wins in any way other than they are making more spins and that could make it appear as if they are winning more. The only time fast spins are important is in slot tournament play.
  • Be sure to always choose your stopping limit before you sit down to play slots. When you’re at that limit, stop playing.