Love Bugs Slots

Grab A Spot Of Romance With The Love Bugs Slots

What better way to spice things up in the slot games arena than to try and match up champagne bottles and boxes of chocolates? That's what you'll be trying to do when you download and play the brand new Love Bugs Slots.

Spin five reels and watch for the symbols

This slots game uses a five reel template so there are plenty of chances to grab two, three, four or five matching symbols with each spin. Familiarize yourself with the symbols so you know what your best chances are of winning.

A maximum of twenty five paylines to look for and bet on

You don't just have twenty paylines with the Love Bug Slots. Here you've got a whopping twenty five potential paylines to look at. Doesn't that give you the best arrangement of potential wins you can imagine?

Which symbols should you look for?

Mansions, diamond rings and violins or perfume require just two matching symbols to pay out on. Certain other items, including the champagne and the bouquet of flowers, require three symbols minimum to pay out. Make sure you get used to which symbols are needed to trigger a win, so you can spin the right number of reels to maximize your chances each time.

Special symbols unlock the potential of bigger winnings

Look for the bugs to stand a chance of winning even more. There are two bugs to watch for - the lady bug and the love bug itself. Both of these can be used to replace another symbol to trigger a win. The only exception to this is the scattered heart. And if you should match five scattered hearts you can walk away with $500 for your trouble.

Can you play for fun?

Yes, you can decide whether you want to play for fun or for real cash. And since the bets start in just cents, you can learn the game and then start as low as you like.

Are there any bonuses to look out for?

Watch for reels one and five, because when the lady shows up on the first reel and the love bug shows up on the fifth one, you'll go into a Bonus Round. And with the potential for free spins and tripled prize amounts as well, you can see that playing Love Bugs Slots is definitely worth a shot.